The 1st German-Afghan Economic Forum

The German-Afghan Economic Forum (DAWF) in February, 2017 was the first economic event of this kind in the Federal Republic of Germany. Organizer of the DAWF is the German-Afghan Society (DAGeV) in cooperation with Afghanistan Chambers of Commerce and Industries (ACCI). Main focuses of the 1st German-Afghan Economic Forum were the subjects of energy, mining and education. The aim of this common dialogue is to allow concrete bilateral economic relations between German and Afghan organisations.

High-ranking representatives of the Afghan economy, the German industry and the politics met on eye level to the removal of the bilateral relations. What celebrated his prelude in the heart of the Ruhr area, quite a new relation of the international cooperation – and reviving the old friendship is between both countries. A meeting of internationally historical dimension.

Core subject: Energy

It was a clear confession in the direction of future of Afghanistan that in the congressional centre of the Messe-Essen met the representatives of Afghan trade associations, CEOs and owners of Afghan enterprises with managers and boards of directors of German industrial enterprises as well as representatives of German government organisations and the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. In the centre of the first day stood the area of Energy. Place and time of the meeting were well chosen. Essen is a location of many internationally active energy groups and is valid long ago as‚ energy capital‘ of Europe. And at the same time of the economic forum it took place in the fair halls next door‚ E-world energy & water’, leading fair of Europe of the energy industry. A high-ranking economic delegation from Afghanistan visited that‚ E-world energy & water’ to meet on the fair decision-makers of the German energy industry. Already in the approach of the DAWF defined conversation appointments were perceived. A special receipt of the Messe-Essen offered to the Afghan guests an additional possibility to exchange itself with interested representatives of the private sector.

The Conference:

Core of the three-day-long economic forum was the conference on the second day. German enterprises and government organisations introduced her work in the areas of energy, mining and education. The matchmaking summit at the end of the day created the opportunity for specific establishments of contact and the arrangement of possible cooperations. The third day was available after a network breakfast for a visit programme the Afghan guest.

The message of the 1st German-Afghan Economic Forum is clear: There originates something new, a new relation of the international cooperation and a development aid from a mutual understanding.

Representatives from economy and politics of both countries came to the 1st German-Afghan Economic Forum.

Khan Jan Alekozai, vice president of the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).

Prof. Dr. Dipl. Geol. Abdul Rahmann Ashraf, former ambassador of Afghanistan

Al-Haj Khairuddin Mayel, Director of the Bashir Navid Group

Holger Illi, land adviser of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Dr. Gustav Reier, Afghanistan coordinator of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Kabul