Tasks and aims

The German-Afghan Society has sat down to the aim to deepen the amicable relation between Germany and Afghanistan. On this occasion, the main focus lies on the development of new and the removal of existently bilateral relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The German-Afghan-Society is interested to promote these relations in all questions of the public, cultural and economic life.

The aim of the DAGeV: To strengthen and to develop the connections between Germany and Afghanistan.

The approach of the DAGeV: An amicable cooperation – politically, economically and humanely – is the best development aid.

Besides, the German-Afghan-Society operates in a nonpartisan way and in narrow contact with government and non-governmental organisations of both countries, with enterprise and economic actors as well as with cultural institutions.

Today on initiative of the DAGeV have originated already the German-Afghan Trade-Association (DAWV), the German-Afghan Trading Company (DAHG) and the German Corporation for International Services (gid). The positions of the DAGeV to the economic development aid find quite concrete application on this way. The DAWV as an association as well as the DAHG and gid as private-economic enterprises feel to the sighting and positions of the DAGeV linked.

The German-Afghan Society gets involved in a peace in the Near East and Central Asia which protects the life ability of the population permanently. She enters for a notification between all people of the region. With the in a nonpartisan way carried positions compiled in her membership expresses itself the DAGeV also publicly and compared with the governments and government organisations. Besides, supports the DAGeV the exchange of delegation groups of both countries.

Development aid