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Pascal Hesse. Foto: Christoph Bubbe

Pascal Hesse, Head of Communications & Public Affairs of DAGeV. Foto: Christoph Bubbe

Pascal Hesse
Head of Communications & Public Affairs
Head of Media Department
Press spokesperson

German-Afghan Society (DAGeV)
همبستگی افغان جرمن

Headquarter in Afghanistan:
Wazir Akbar Khan 15, Kabul, Afghanistan

Phone: +49 (0) 201 – 45 17 384
Fax: +49 (0) 201 – 45 17 385
Mobile: +49 (0) 170 – 28 39 446

Regional office northern Afghanistan:
c/o IHK Balkh, Bagh-e-Hozor, Wolayat Street, Masar-e Scharif, Afghanistan

Headquarter in Germany:
Bredeneyer Str. 2b, 45133 Essen, Germany

Capital office in Germany:
c/o Büro Luthe (MdA), ehem. Preussischer Landtag, Niederkirchner Str. 5, 10117 Berlin, Germany