The German-Afghan Society organises delegation travelling to international fairs and leading measuring in Germany, Afghanistan as well as on the Arabian Peninsula and in Central Asia.


MEDICA is the biggest event worldwide for the medicine branch. Already for over 40 years it is a firm size in the calendar of all experts. The unique position him‚MEDICA can be measured in many signs: On the one hand the event is the worldwide biggest medicine fair generally – with more than 5,100 exhibitors from 70 nations in 17 fair halls in 2016. Moreover, prominent personalities from economy, research and politics appreciate every year the high-class event with her presence – of course beside ten thousands national and international experts and decision-makers from the branch like you as a professional visitor. In Dusseldorf a demanding programme which illustrate together the complete novelty spectrum for the ambulant and clinical care also expects you beside an all-embracing exhibition.

The ‚MEDICA forums and conferences‘ are a firm component beside the trade fair. MEDICA offers five forums, distributes in the fair halls, as well as interesting special shows and actions.

MEDICA 2017 takes place from the 13th to the 16th of November in Dusseldorf.

E-world energy & water

The fair ‚E-world energy & water Essen‘ is the European leading fair of the energy industry and water economy with accompanying congress. About 650 exhibitors from more than 20 nations present on that‚ E-world energy & water Messe-Essen‘ her products and services from the areas of Stream economy, gas economy and water economy, energy technology and energy efficiency as well as renewable energy and Smart Energy. In addition, more than 200 advisers inform in more than 30 conferences and Workshops about topical market developments, challenges in the stream and gas sector, about future energy and legal issues.

To ‚E-world energy & water in 2017‘ the 1st German-Afghan Economic Forum took place at the same time. The DAGeV accompanied an Afghan delegation in her fair visit. With the economic forum decision makers from economy and politics of both countries met.

The next ‚E-world energy & water‘ in Essen finds instead of from the 06th to the 08th of February, 2018.


ReTEC as the international platform for used machines and used arrangements from all areas stands currently anew and starts in April, 2017 in Augsburg. The branch associations FDM (trade association of the machines and tools wholesale inc.) and EAMTM (European association of Machine tool Merchants) take part in this subject as well as with her members and create therefore a wide offer. In addition, stand in main areas, construction machines, hall conveyor witness and agricultural machinery as well as metal processing machines and tool machines in the focus.

Communal participation from Great Britain, Italy and China is also planned and provides for a high internationality of the event. Beside used machines presents the ReTEC different service enterprises who are specified on retro fitting, De-and Remontage as well as the special transport of the most different machines. Therefore it offers ReTEC a comprehensive offer all around used machines and arrangements.

The ReTEC takes place from 2017 in the annual change in Augsburg and Essen. ReTEC 2018: From the 24th to the 26th of April, 2018 in Essen.

Intersolar Europe

Intersolar of Europe the worldwide leading trade fair is for the solar economy and her partners and takes place yearly on the fair Munich. The fair as well as the conference concentrate upon the areas Photovoltaik, energy memories, regenerative warmth as well as products and solutions for Smart Renewable Energy.‚ Intersolar of Europe’ has set up since her foundation 25 years ago with manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and service providers as the most important branch platform of the solar economy.

Intersolar Europe in 2018 in Münchn finds instead of from the 20th to the 22nd of June, 2018.

transport logistic

‚Transport of logistic‘ in Munich is the spider of the global logistics branch. The fair with accompanying conference programme presents the right solutions for every need.‚ transport of logistic’ unites innovative products, technologies and systems with clenched expert’s knowledge and high final orientation.

Persistent growth with the e-commerce, progressive digitization of the logistics processes, revolutionary effects of “industry 4.0” on the transportation and logistics being: The future challenges are immense. More than ever innovative products as well as technologies are asked, are even quicker around people, markets and goods, more efficient and more lasting to connect.

The successful figures him ‚transport logistic in 2017‘:

  • 2.162 exhibitors from 62 countries
  • 60.726 visitors from 123 countries
  • more than 115,000 m ² exhibition space in nine halls and adjoining open area
  • high-quality conference programme with about 200 experts

Together with a delegation of Afghan representatives from economy and politics it also visited of the DAGeV ‚transport logistic in 2017‘ in Munich.

The next appointment for them ‚transport of logistic’ in Munich: From the 04th to the 07th of June, 2019.

Walk about the ‚E-world energy & water’. In the middle in front away: the Afghan Chamber of Commerce vice president Khan Jan Alekozai and Al-Haj Khairuddin Mayel, manager Bashir Navid Group, accompanied by the DAGeV executive committee.

Invitation to the state of the company Bosch.

Already in the approach of the European leading fair ‚E-world energy & water’ many conversation appointments were agreed.

Shakehands with the boss of the Messe Essen Oliver P. Kuhrt.

The Afghan economic delegation in the gallery of the Messe Essen.

On the ‚transport of logistic’ the Afghan guests also met Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt.

Like Germany also Afghanistan is a transit country. Hence, the leading fair of the transport and logistics branch was interesting area for the Afghan fair visitors.