To promote the dialogue between both countries Germany and Afghanistan, the DAGeV organises delegation travelling and meetings between economic and political representatives of both nations.

To the European leading fair‚ E-world energy & water in 2017‘ the 1st German Afghan economic forum took place at the same time. Already in the approach of the economic forum co-ordinated the conversation appointments DAGeV between the highly occupied economic delegation from Afghanistan and decision-makers from the German energy industry. The Afghan delegation was welcomed with a special receipt on that‚ E-world’, before one proceeded on a common fair walk. Also of the DAGeV accompanied the representatives from Afghanistan in her fair visit.

With the 1st economic forum decision makers from economy and politics of both countries met. And if one is already in the heart of the Ruhr area, organised the DAGeV also immediately one more delegation visit in the Essen city hall where among other things the acting chief mayor of the town welcomed Essen, Thomas Kufen, the guests from Afghanistan.

At the beginning of May, 2017 the way led to Munich. Here it took place‚ transport of logistic’. The leading fair is the spider of the global logistics branch – and Afghanistan with his central situation a transit country. The successful figures him‚ transport logistic in 2017‘ speak for themselves: 2.162 exhibitors from 62 countries, 60.726 visitors from 123 countries, more than 115,000 m ² exhibition space in nine halls and adjoining Freigeländesowie a high-quality conference programme with about 200 experts.

Together with a delegation of Afghan representatives from economy and politics it also visited of the DAGeV‚ transport logistic in 2017‘. The visit in Munich was narrow getaktet, because beside the fair walk with many decision-makers from the logistics branch was also agreed here many talks already in the approach and was co-ordinated by the German-Afghan society.

The 1st German-Afghan Economic Forum in February, 2017 was at the same time the prelude for the delegation travelling organised by the DAGeV for the exchange between both countries. Other ones will follow – in Germany, in Afghanistan as well as on the Arabian peninsula and in Central Asia.

The Afghan employment minister Dr. Nasrin Oryakhil visited on suggestion of the DAGeV the college FOM for economy and management.

In her first visit in Essen the Afghan economic delegation also met Thomas Kufen, lord mayor of the town.

The CongressCentre Essen where the Economic Forum met was a starting point for different other delegation visits.

Meetings with an Afghan government delegation in Munich.