To strengthen a lasting development aid and to stabilise the bilateral relations between Germany and Afghanistan and to develop, the German-Afghan society works together in the narrow contact with government organisations, NGOs, agencies, banks and enterprises in Detuschland, Afghanistan and in Central Asia.

Cooperation partners of the DAGeV are:


in Germany:

in Asien:

The DAGeV executive committee with Stefan Siebeck (2. from the right) from the forum for North Africa, Near and the Middle East of the Federal Ministery for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Syed Hussain Alemi Balkhi (on the left), Minister for Refugees and Repatriations, conceives DAGeV-President Elias Omar.

Dr. Gustav Reier, Afghanistan co-ordinator of the GIZ, at the 1st German-Afghan Economic Forum.

Hans-Helge Sander (on the right), leader of the economic department of the German embassy in Kabul, at the meeting with the DAGeV-President.